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About Us

All about Fit2gether4all in Wigan. What we do and how we do it.


What We Do

We offer classes and courses that specialise in health and fitness.


How We Do It

We give you the tools and motivation to succeed on your journey.


Where We Do It

Our classes are run throughout Wigan and surrounding areas.

Hi there, my name is Chris Whistlecroft

I’ve been running fitness and weight management classes in and around the Wigan area since September 2002.

As a former Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness franchisee, I have helped hundreds of people to lose weight, become fitter, healthier and very much happier.

I offer a variety of classes and courses to choose from in the Wigan area and I work hard to make the exercise in our classes fun and enjoyable for everyone. Don’t worry about co-ordination or having ‘two-left feet’ – fitness is for all and we have been well trained to adapt our exercise to suit people of different fitness levels.

There really is ‘something for everyone’ in our classes

Whether you want to weigh in and work-out or just work-out with me. I also put a lot of hard work into giving our classes a real club feel, organising trips and the occasional nights out for those who want to come along together with various fundraising events.

I offer support too

I offer email support together with regular newsletters so that members can have contact with me between classes if they so wish. I’m always being told by members how friendly and welcoming my classes are and what a great atmosphere there is.

No one is made to feel embarrassed and your weigh-in is very discreet, so, apart from myself, no one else will know how much you weigh.

You are amongst friends from day 1

If you are thinking of joining on your own, as many of my members do, there’s no need to worry: you’re soon amongst friends at one of my classes.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a little or a large amount of weight to lose.

I can help you and I’ll be with you every step of the way

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