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What our customers are saying about us

I’ve been attending Chris’ classes for a number of years now and have always found that Chris is very enthusiastic and works hard to pass on lots of information re keeping healthy and also weight loss. The exercise sessions are fab – lots of variety and you get a really good work out.  Classes are for all levels of fitness so you can work out at your own pace be it low or high impact.  One thing you can be assured of is that the classes are friendly and entertaining and when you leave you will have had a good time as well as a good work out.


I joined Chris’s classes when she first started her aerobics and fitness class in about 2002, as I wanted to lose weight and become more active. With her encouragement and support I shed over 3 stones in weight, and have subsequently maintained a regular weight. The classes have a wide and varied series of workouts which are not just exercise, but fun and challenging and I have met many like-minded people who have become friends. Chris is energetic and inspirational and keeps me motivated.


I’ve been at Chris’s fitness classes now for almost a year and absolutely love them, they are varied and fun and can you can work at your own level of fitness which is great. It’s a great way to get fit, have some fun and meet other people.


Christine’s classes are fun and she is s great motivator, a great way to socialise whilst keeping fit!

Sue, Wendy & Diane

I contacted Chris in November 2013 which itself was a big step for me, I had never been to a diet or exercise class before ,but at 45 and a few pounds heavier than I was happy feelings all disappeared as I was greeted by a lovely welcome . Chris explained the best way for me to lose the few pounds I needed too, and where to make the changes to my eating habits. My first week went really well and 3lbs lighter I was awarded slimmer of the week!!! I have attended classes every week since made some lovely friends and now lost 13lbs and feel amazing. Aside from the healthy eating and exercise class I have also attended exercise only which allows us to push ourselves a little bit harder but still to a level that’s right for the individual . So I think it’s fair to say if you want a lifestyle change for the better Chris and her classes are for you , her years of knowledge and experience are second to none and most of all it’s fun.


Variety is the spice of life and that’s certainly what you get at Chris’ classes. Each class is different – it could be aerobics, boxercise, salsacise, interval or circuits and maybe a bit of Zumba or FitSteps thrown in. This is why I love it, you never get bored with the same routines and no matter how many times you go in a week they will all be different – keeps you interested and on your toes. Whatever we do it’s geared to different levels of ability and you are also encouraged to push yourself a little bit further. As well as exercise there’s plenty of hint, tips and challenges to keep you focused and help you achieve your goals. It is also a great opportunity to meet and work with like-minded people who support each other and have lots of fun. All working together towards a fit and healthy lifestyle.


I went on my own to join Chris’s exercise class and needn’t have been worried as everyone was so friendly from walking through the door. Chris makes sure that everyone works to their own abilities and there is no pressure to do more than you can, that said you feel like you have had a great workout. And I always leave feeling much better for it!


Chris Whistlecroft is a very experienced and excellent instructor. Her classes are many and varied including many forms of movement, aerobics and dance set to lively music. Her classes suit all ages with the emphasis on doing it to a persons own ability. Weight loss and fitness are important and weekly weigh ins and talks on health and wellbeing are invaluable. Chris is very enthusiastic and passionate about keep fit and members can’t help but enjoy and benefit from her classes.

Doreen, Jean, Pat and Anne (Average Age 70 )

During the last 12 months of attending Chris’s classes, I have lost 2 Stone. In January 2016 my metabolic age was 68 years. In January 2017 my metabolic age was 48 years. Quite a difference! (I am 63 years young) Support and fun are in abundance. Information and up to minute advice is always on hand whenever you want access to it. Classes are varied to suit all levels. Challenging sometimes with a hint of mischief to make you smile. We all l like to do things we enjoy and that means you are more likely to succeed. I have found this.


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