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Our strength training KettleBell Courses can help you to gain fantastic fitness levels and it’s for men and women.

If you train regularly with this type of KettleBell class you will tone up, melt fat away, improve core stability and stamina too.

Its a three in one training  program incorporating

  1. Weight training
  2. Cardiovascular activity
  3. Core training

Its effective in toning bums, hips and stomach and you will see a noticeable improvement in body shape and your fitness levels in just a few sessions.

You will find it fun and challenging and it is suitable for many levels of fitness.

Our 6 week courses in Aspull are suitable for absolute beginners and those who that have participated in KettleBell activity before.

What Our Customers Are Saying About KettleBell

This is the best type of exercise I have ever done. It is a friendly class for all shapes, sizes and ages were exercise is fun and routines are changed regularly to maintain interest and challenge – I never knew there were so many exercises you could do with a kettlebell. Whilst working at your own pace and exercising without appearing to overexert yourself you quickly begin to see results. Two days after completing the first class, every muscle in my body was aching to the point that I had to roll out of bed in the morning, but after just four weeks I could see a difference in my body shape. My legs and arms were toning up and even my abdominal muscles were beginning to feel much tighter. I would definitely recommend Chris’ KettleBell Courses to anyone wanting a change to their routine. You don’t get massive bulging muscles but it is great for building strength, stamina and generally toning up.


As I approached my late 60’s I was very conscious that my bones and joints were becoming weaker and I needed to something about it if I was to stay mobile. I always thought I could never do anything with weights until I started this class. I never knew I had a core until I did this course! It has been the perfect way to strengthen and tone my whole body. My joints don’t ache as much as they used to, I can walk greater distances, my whole body shape has changed and feels more controlled and stronger. As I result, I approach 70 with much more confidence.


I look forward to my kettlebell course with Chris, its hard work, but fun with a great, friendly crowd. Since I started I feel it has helped me to tone up and strengthen muscles I didn’t know I had! Recommend it to anyone needing a full body workout – I Love It!


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